The spread in front of the hotel is Maizuru Bay of the complicated coastline of a ria coast. Streaked Shearwaters living in natural monument Kanmuri-jima, Castanopsis giant tree of more than 300 years old, the beautiful coastline of Wakasa Bay National Park, and the seafood of the four seasons lie ahead.

    In addition, the Maizuru Bay, which has flourished since ancient times as a good Bay, destroyers of the Self-Defense Forces and large ferries are anchored.

    In the suburbs, One of Japan’s three most scenic spots Amanohashidate in Miyazu, Nariaiji Temple many worshipers visit as the 28th of Saigoku 33 places, Ine town of the fishing village located on the east side of the Tango Peninsula, and so on are there. Why not visit the traditional sites and streetscape with a lot of atomosphere?

  • Goro Sky Tower

    Goro Sky Tower is an observatory, located on top of Mt. Gorogatake, with it's summit of 301 meters is situated at the center of Maizuru City. The tower provides views of the intricate coastal line under your eyes, which is unique to Maizuru Bay, and the small green islands in the blue ocean. Stunning views of Maizuru town and surrounding areas can be enjoyed in the full 360 degree panorama. Voted the “number one view” among the best “100 Scenic Sites in the Kinki Region”

    20 min. by car from hotel

  • Red Brick Park

    7 red brick warehouses are located here. It serves as a center for artisanship by city residents. Concerts, bazaars, and other events are held here.

    5 min. by car / 20 min. on foot from hotel

  • Pier of Maizuru District of Maritime Self-Defense Force

    Warships of Maritime Self-Defense Force are anchored. JDS Hyuga (DDH181) and Atago (DDG177) Cruiser, Myoko (DDG175) Destroyer are famous in Maizuru district.

    The gate open for visitors on Saturday, Sunday and National holiday

    5 min. by car / 20 min. on foot from hotel

  • Maizuru Port Toretore Center

    Maizuru Port is home to the bulk of Kyoto Prefecture's seafood industry. Fresh and dried seafood from the Japan Sea and specialty fish cakes are sold here.

    20 min. by car from hotel

  • Maizuru Boat

    The Boat tour provides the opportunity to enjoy the fascinating sea and port scenes of Maizuru, famous for its connection with the navy and its red bricks. The contrast between the red and blue color schemes seen from the boat is so beautiful that it will make you want to paint a portrait of the city.

    3 min. by car / 10 min. on foot to the pier from hotel

  • Repatriation Memorial Museum

    Maizuru used to be a city of repatriation, which was made famous by the song “Ganpeki no Haha” (A Mother at the Quay”). More than 660,000 people and the remains of 16,000 were repatriated to Maizuru after World War II. The pier’s restoration (1994) stands as a memorial for their repatriation. “Return to Maizuru,” which is added to UNESCO’s Memory of the World Registry.

    10 min. by car from hotel

  • Crane Bridge

    Maizuru Crane Bridge is one of the largest cable-stayed bridges on this side of Japan, and is reminiscent of two cranes flying down to the sea.

    10 min. by car from hotel

  • Naval Memorial Hall

    The memorial hall of Maizuru Naval District, 1st Commander, Heihachiro Togo is the symbol of the Memorial. Lots of materials are exhibited.

    5 min. by car / 25 min. on foot from hotel

  • Nariaiji Temple

    Nariaiji Temple is one of the 33 temples that are visited along the Kansai Kannon Pilgrimage in Western Japan. The temple's main object of worship is a carved wooden statue of Kannon, the Buddhist Goddess of Mercy

    60 min. by car from hotel

  • Amanohashidate

    One of Japan's three scenic view, a very interesting natural phenomena with different options to enjoy. It's possible to fully see it, and enjoy it's beauty from a mountain next to it, walk or cycle through it, or enjoy the beach on it with swimming and even have a BBQ on it.

    60 min. by car from hotel

  • Ine Boat Houses

    Ine Bay boasts a shoreline of “Funaya,” or “boat houses.” This picturesque scene is unique to all of Japan and the antiquated homes, which also serve as a place to moor fisherman’s boats, are a historic preservation site.

    90 min. by car from hotel