• This Web site is owned and managed by Hotel Mare, and respect all of the privacy of individuals who visit this Web site in accordance with the law. In addition the following privacy policy, we comply with this and protect your personal information.

  • Use of personal Information

    The hotel will use the personal information in order to offer products and product information services that seem to be the best to our customers, also as the hotel’s product development and marketing data. However, the personal information will be used in terms of the statistical processing so that cannot be specific. The hotel will endeavor not to disturb your rights.

  • Management and protection of personal information

    When the hotel manages your personal information, we place the administrator to make the appropriate management, and strive to prevent leakage to the outside. The hotel strives to protect personal information of our customers from unauthorized access or loss from the outside, destruction, against the risk of falsification. We limit the access wright to the database related to personal information in the hotel and strictly manage no to made use of outside of the purpose.

  • Provision of personal information

    The hotel is not able to disclose or provide personal information to third parties other than subcontractors without consent. However, if the hotel is prompted for a disclosure by law, court, or police, may provide it without the consent of disclosure.

  • Information management of contractor

    The hotel may entrust the handling of personal information to a contractor in order to provide better service to customers. In this case, the hotel makes sure the contractor is properly handle personal information in the contract and confidentiality agreement so that personal information leakage does not occur.

  • Disclosure and correction of personal information

    The hotel disclose to the customer when prompted for customer’s own personal information disclosure, unless in case of causing a significant hindrance to business performance, a risk of personal life or body, property. The hotel promptly responds, after the confirmation of customer’s identity, to makes correction or delete of customers own personal information.

  • Improvement of security

    The hotel will work to improve and review this policy as appropriate as compliance with laws and regulations related to the handling of personal information. Therefore, please note the case in which this policy is subject to change without notice.